Eveline Luppi creates work that is both highly emotional and emblematic of the complexities of
contemporary life. She is committed to self-discovery, presenting a deeply personal narrative that is
accessible to the viewer.

Her style is a highly individual synthesis of several influences, including Dutch Neoplasticism and
Russian Constructivism. The works’ vocabulary is based on geometric techniques in which memory
and experience are rendered as a deeply structured space, full of impassioned transitions and
strongly expressed juxtapositions. Luppi’s use of color evokes emotional states and brings the
viewer to a unified perception of the symbolic content.

The artist describes her recent work as an exploration of self, that is, recognizing the emotional
forces within her, and drawing on her own strength and confidence in the way she reaches out to
the world. Her work is always autobiographical and a journey of self-discovery; it is at once very
basic and very deep, in an archetypal way, much like Stonehenge and the works of Picasso speak to
their audiences. She finds that this highly personal work gives her a deep sense of enjoyment and a
spiritual connection, which she seeks to make available to the viewer